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How-To VideosView and understand your building or repair project ... before you get started. Each 2-5 minute video covers product selection, surface preparation, mixing and application instructions and useful tips to help achieve a successful project.

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Omni Nashville Hotel

QUIKRETE® helps brings luxury boutique hotel to the Music City’s vibrant downtown scene. Read More
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In a few short steps, become the owner of fun, iconic and authentic QUIKRETE® branded items. Browse the online store by clicking here.
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Make the ordinary... extraordinary. QUIKRETE® Concrete Stains transform plain, ordinary concrete into beautiful decorative surfaces that can enhance the interior or exterior of your home.

QUIKRETE® Translucent Concrete Stains

Semi-transparent appearance highlights the natural variations in concrete and masonry surfaces. QUIKRETE® Translucent Concrete Stains can be used in multiple color combinations to achieve a unique multi-tone, layered appearance.
Translucent Concrete Stains
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