At Home

A great way to view and understand your building or repair project before you get started. Find out just about everything you need to know by watching the video below.

QUIKRETE concrete mixes can be successfully mixed by hand or machine mixed.  For smaller projects, hand mixing is often the best method.

Project Instructions

When working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves.

Step 1
Empty the mix into a mortar tub or wheelbarrow and form a depression in the middle of the mix.

Step 2
Measure the recommended water amount  (each 80-pound bag of concrete mix will require about 3 quarts of water).

Step 3
Pour approximately 2/3 of the water into the depression. If using liquid cement color, add to the mixing water.

Step 4
Work the mix with a hoe, gradually adding water, until the mix reaches a uniform, workable consistency. Properly mixed concrete should look like thick oatmeal and should hold its shape when it is squeezed in a gloved hand.

NOTE: the more water that is added to the mix the weaker it becomes; adding one extra quart of water per 80 lb bag can reduce the strength of the concrete by up to 40%.

Shopping List

  • 80 lb QUIKRETE Crack Resistant Concrete Mix
    80 lb QUIKRETE Concrete Mix
    80 lb QUIKRETE 5000 Concrete Mix

  • 10oz QUIKRETE Liquid Cement Color (optional)
  • Plastic mixing tub
  • Mixing hoe
  • Shovel
  • Measuring Pail
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses