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Resurfacing Concrete Slabs

RE-CAP Concrete Resurfacer will renew your old, worn concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios at a fraction of the cost to tear out and replace old concrete slabs.

Project Instructions

When working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves. Temperatures should remain above 50 degrees for at least 8 hours and should be protected from freezing for 24 hours after applying.

Step 1
Prior to applying:

  • Rigorously clean old concrete to ensure proper adhesion of the new surface.
    NOTE: a high strength, 3500 psi pressure washer must be used to remove any dirt, oil, grease or deteriorating concrete.
  • Repair deeply spalled areas and large cracks.
  • Saturate the surface with water and then remove any standing water.

Step 2
Mix the resurfacer using a five-gallon bucket and a 1/2 -drill and paddle mixer (hand mixing and standard concrete barrel-type mixers cannot be used for this application).

TIP: it is essential that control joints and expansion joints are maintained to allow for slab movement. Weather stripping can be used to prevent RE-CAP Concrete Resurfacer from spilling into the joints.

Step 3
Measure and add 3-1/2 quarts of clean cool water to a five-gallon bucket to mix one 40-pound bag of RE-CAP Concrete Resurfacer (the resurfacer should be poured into the mixing water).

Step 4
Mix for about 5 minutes until a lump-free pourable consistency is achieved. If the mix is too thick, add water sparingly to reach the consistency of syrup; if the mix is too thin, additional powder can be added.

Step 5
Pour the resurfacer onto the concrete in one-foot wide strips.

Step 6
Scrub the material into the concrete surface using a long handled squeegee.

Step 7
Evenly spread the resurfacer back and forth onto the slab.

Step 8
Apply a non-slip finish using a concrete broom after about 5 minutes.

TIP: make full broom strokes across the entire distance of the work area without stopping (all broom strokes should be made in the same direction for uniformity of appearance).

Step 9
Moist cure with a fine water mist for 24-48 hours in temperatures over 90 degrees.

Step 10
RE-CAP Concrete Resurfacer will support foot traffic in about 6 hours and vehicle traffic in 24 hours.

Shopping List

  • 40 lb RE-CAP Concrete Resurfacer
  • 3500 PSI pressure washer (rental)
  • Long handle squeegee
  • 1/2” drill
  • Paddle mixing blade
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Measuring pail
  • Hose with adjustable nozzle
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Wire brush
  • Finishing broom
  • ¼” weather stripping
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses