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Q: The exterior base of my chimney has an opening called a clean out that I've had inspected by a local chimney sweep. He suggested 'bricking up' the opening. Can I do the repair myself? Are there any QUIKRETE® products which can be used in this application?

BRIAN: The chimney professional is correct. The simplest manner to close off this opening would be brick and mortar. However, it will be easier to blend the color in with the existing "cement" color using QUIKRETE® Surface Bonding Cement. Fill the opening with small, narrow (3") concrete masonry units with QUIKRETE® Mortar Mix (QUIKRETE® Mason Mix will also work well). This would be followed with a finish of gray QUIKRETE® Surface Bonding Cement. For a closer match, one could add QUIKRETE® Stucco and Mortar Color or QUIKRETE® Liquid Cement Colors to the QUIKRETE® Surface Bonding Cement.

It's always recommended to premix a small amount of material to check on color match if cosmetics are important.

Some small effort should be spent on cleaning out excess cementitious material at the face.

With the mortar construction, the sides do not need to be exactly square; the mortar will adjust for variations to 3/8 inch. All loose material must be removed and all mortared surfaces cleaned.

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