Homeowners looking for ways to introduce color, texture and unique design elements to their home's exterior may consider building an accent or garden wall.

Using dry-stacked concrete blocks and a surface bonding cement, such as QUIKRETE® QUIKWALL® Surface Bonding Cement (SBC), it's easier than you might imagine to construct a low-maintenance, affordable accent wall. This project accentuates a home's appearance and outdoor living spaces, and is well within the abilities of a homeowner.

The material is code approved for mortarless wall construction, providing the construction design otherwise meets code requirements. The one-coat application provides structural strength and a textured "stucco" finish, in addition to sound-control and waterproofing properties.

The surface bonding cement is also ideal for rehabilitating non-painted walls with a water-resistant and decorative coating.

Adding color to your wall is simple with QUIKRETE® Stucco & Mortar Color-a liquid pigment additive available in 20 standard color choices-that can be added to the mixing water during the mixing process.

Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Begin with the construction of a footing slab. Once the footing has cured, dry-lay the first block row on top of the footing and chalk mark the block positions using a level and mason's line for accuracy.
  • Remove the blocks and apply a 1/2-inch-thick bed of prepared surface bonding cement on the footing to bond the first course to the footing and correct any irregularities.
  • Place the first row, embedding the block to the mortar bed, to a final thickness of about 3/8-inch. Remove any excess material.
  • Check the alignment and level after positioning every three to four blocks.
  • Continue this process by dry stacking the remaining blocks in a running bond pattern (see picture) to the desired height.
  • Add a cap block to the top course of block. For additional strength, fill the cavities with QUIKRETE® Sand/Topping Mix or QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix.
  • After dampening with a fine spray, apply a 1/8-inch-thick coating of surface bonding cement to the sides, top and exposed ends of the concrete block wall with a finishing trowel. Trowel to desired texture or finish.
  • Moist cure the wall after eight hours by dampening with a fine spray. Repeat spraying several times daily for three days.
For detailed application instructions or additional project ideas, visit www.quikrete.com.
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