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Applying Translucent Concrete Stains

Any drab, lifeless slab of concrete can be transformed into a warm, decorative surface that provides character to any exterior or interior space by applying QUIKRETE® Translucent Concrete Stains.

Project Instructions

When working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves.

Step 1
Determine if the concrete surface is porous enough to accept the stain by pouring water on the concrete. If the water pools and does not dissipate, it is likely that there is a sealer present. If the water is quickly absorbed, the concrete will accept the stain.

QUIKTIP: If the surface has been previously sealed, the remaining sealer must be removed with a commercial grade paint stripper and then pressure washed. Once the sealer is removed, repeat the water test.

Step 2
Prepare the surface. Sweep and remove as much soil and debris as possible. Then, use the Cleaner, Etcher & Degreaser, as specified. Allow the Cleaner, Etcher & Degreaser to stand for about 60 seconds. Then, scrub the surface with a driveway broom or stiff bristle brush and rinse thoroughly with water.

QUIKTIP: When working with the Cleaner, Etcher & Degreaser, use plastic tools and materials to avoid a reaction.

Step 3
Remove excess water with a squeegee.

Step 4
Mask off the surrounding vertical and horizontal areas, to protect them from the staining process.

Step 5
Shake the bottle vigorously, before applying the stain.

Step 6
Apply the stain using a garden sprayer, sponge or nap roller.

QUIKTIP: If using a garden sprayer to apply the stain, test the stain in a bucket, before applying, to assure a consistent mist and avoid dripping.

Step 7
Immediately remove any puddles with a sponge.

Step 8
For a consistent appearance, back roll the surface with a 3/8” nap roller.

QUIKTIP: Roll the surface in random directions, to avoid roller marks.

Step 9
For a darker appearance, additional coats may be applied one hour after the initial stain is dry to the touch.

QUIKTIP: This usually takes about four hours.

Step 10
Apply QUIKRETE® Acrylic High Gloss Sealer to enrich the color and protect the stain surface one hour after the stain is dry to the touch.

Step 11
Wait 24 hours before exposing the surface to light use, and wait at least 72 hours before automobile traffic.

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