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Alum Creek Sewer

Constructed of reinforced concrete in the late 1960s, the Alum Creek Sewer ranges in diameter from 42” pipe to more than 102” pipe. Closed-circuit video camera inspections revealed that repairs to cracks and erosion were necessary to extend the service life of the Alum Creek Sewer. On behalf of the City of Columbus, Shotcrete Concrete rehabilitated approximately 6,700 lineal feet of the sewer including spot repairs in various locations using QUIKRETE® Shotcrete MS – Fiber Reinforced. The $6 million project included relining 4,800 square feet of 60” pipe, 3,000 square feet of 72” pipe and 900 square feet of 84” pipe with two-inches of shotcrete.

QUIKRETE® Shotcrete MS – Fiber Reinforced is a single component Micro Silica enhanced repair material that achieves more than 9,000 PSI at 28 days, and features very low rebound and permeability characteristics.

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