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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

How do you make hippos feel at home? You make sure that the place they call home is as comfortable as possible and resembles their habitat when in the wild…and that’s just what Quikrete and contractor KHSS helped the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo accomplish.

Named one of the top zoos in the nation, the well-being of the animals is paramount for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, thus the desire for a habitat that is as natural and realistic as possible. The team at KHSS was tasked with constructing the new environment for the hippos and they knew that Carve Coat, a special blend of fiber reinforced stucco from Quikrete, was the perfect material to shape the boulders, hills, and other elements that would allow the hippos to feel comfortable.

The six month project allowed the KHSS team to build an environment that appears to be right out of Africa…and most importantly, the hippos seem very happy!

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