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Crosswicks Creek Bridge

As part of an ongoing maintenance program by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), Crosswicks Creek Bridge on Interstate 295 in Burlington County was rehabilitated using QUIKRETE® Form & Pour. After mechanically removing damaged and dilapidated concrete from the bottom of the bridge deck, IEW Construction Contractors delivered the QUIKRETE® Form & Pour more than 30 feet in the air through a pump to make structural repairs. This efficiency of making repairs in this manner minimized traffic disruption on the 1,600-foot long bridge that serves nearly 4,000 city residents and travelers commuting to-and-from Trenton.

QUIKRETE® Form & Pour is a factory blended properly proportioned mixture of Portland cement, aggregates and chemical admixtures for use in building or repair applications requiring a high-quality concrete with a maximum aggregate size of 3/8 inch. It may be mixed to any consistency from stiff plastic to free flowing virtually self-consolidating consistency. An air-entraining agent is also incorporated in the dry material to produce a concrete that has exceptional freeze-thaw durability. Shrinkage compensating agents are included to minimize plastic shrinkage.

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Project Profile: Route 981 Bridge Rehabilitation

South Bordenton, NJ

Contractor: IEW Construction Contractors