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Luxe of Prosper

The greater Dallas area continues to be one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the nation. The ongoing growth has created a great demand for new housing and builders are responding. While ensuring quality, successful developments are looking for opportunities to accelerate building time and Plaster Tech, of Tyler, TX had the ideal solution to deliver quality and speed for the beautiful, new neighborhood of Luxe at Prosper.

Plaster-Tech identified Quikrete premixed stucco and a silo system as perfect for the needs of this project. The preblended material ensured quality, facilitated applying stucco to as many as six homes from one set-up location each day, and eliminated the need for an immobile sand pile. The product is designed to be spray applied or hand troweled and met local code for one coat application.

These advantages combined to deliver the quality and speed demanded by Luxe at Prosper and its new residents.

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Colorado Springs, CO

Contractor: KHS&S Contractors