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Mid-America Pipeline Erosion Control

Mid-America Pipeline delivers natural gas across the Rocky Mountains and Southwestern United States through a 7,200-mile pipeline system including a six-mile stretch in Placitas, NM that connects Northwest New Mexico and El Paso, TX. Erosion over time caused by annual flooding in the adjacent Las Hueras Creek exposed a section of the pipeline to the point it eventually had to be replaced. To avoid this situation from reoccurring to the new pipeline, Er-Con Technologies installed a 20-foot high wall of QUIKRETE® Rip Rap – Scrim for slope stabilization that was vertically reinforced with 3/8” rebar driven into the bags alternating direction between the 27 layers. As the bags deteriorate and material hardens, they take on the look of stone that will blend into the surrounding environment.

QUIKRETE® Rip Rap - Scrim is a high strength, 5000 PSI blend of sand and cement packaged in a polyester reinforced biodegradable paper bag. Rip Rap has the ability to set in a water inversion to ambient moisture alone.

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Project Profile: Mid-America Pipeline Erosion Control

Placitas, New Mexico

General Contractor: Er-Con Technologies