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NCDOT I-540 Bridge Expansion Joint Replacement

Completed in 2007, Interstate 540 connects Interstate 40 and Interstate 87 across the northern perimeter of Raleigh, NC. It the first section in what will eventually be an entire transportation beltline around the city. As part of regular maintenance, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) identified two leaking expansion joints in a bridge near the Interstate 540 and Interstate 40 that needed to be replaced. Proshot Concrete saw cut 2' to 3' on each side of each joint and chipped out the concrete in that area 6” to 8” deep. This made it easy to remove the 46’ long joints before forming the area, pouring QUIKRETE® FastSet™ DOT Mix – Extended and installing the new joints in 6’ sections. Using QUIKRETE® FastSet™ DOT Mix – Extended allowed Proshot Concrete to complete the project over July 4th and Labor Day weekends with minimal traffic disruption.

QUIKRETE® FastSet™ DOT Mix – Extended is a rapid hardening, fiber reinforced material that is pre-extended with coarse aggregate making it ideal for use in applications from 1 ½” to 48” thick. QUIKRETE® FastSet™ DOT Mix is formulated to provide 20-30 minutes of working time, which is more than adequate for mixing and placement. The material exceeds 3,000 PSI compressive strength in an hour and half, 4,500 PSA in three hours and more than 10,000 PSI in 28 days.

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Project Profile: NCDOT I-540 Bridge Expansion Joint Replacement

Raleigh, North Carolina

General Contractor: ProShot Concrete