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Strongsville Middle School

Strongsville Middle School is 185,000-square-foot campus is attended by more than 1,300 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. The $45 million school, which serves students previously zoned for Center Middle School and Albion Middle School, features 75 classrooms, labs, a central collaborative space, an 800-seat auditorium and a gymnasium. The learning environment is further enriched with a campus-wide high-speed wireless connection and state-of-the-art classrooms. Lencyk Masonry used more than four million pounds of QUIKRETE® Mason Mix Type S & N Mortars and more than two million pounds of QUIKRETE® Core-Fill Grout Fine to lay block and brick on the three-building campus. The construction was highlighted by custom mortar colors to match all of the exterior brick.

QUIKRETE® Mortar is a high strength commercial grade dry pre-blended mixture of sand and cements specially selected for masonry applications. It meets N, S, M requirements as specified in ASTM C270 and pigments may be added to match any existing or new construction.

QUIKRETE® Core-Fill Grout is a properly proportioned mixture of Portland cement, graded sand, and other ingredients designed to provide a flowable grout requiring only the addition of water. It’s available in coarse or fine versions.

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Project Profile: Strongsville Middle School

Strongsville, Ohio

General Contractor: Hammond Construction

Masonry Contractor: Lencyk Masonry