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University of Michigan Athletics South Competition & Performance Center

With nearly 370 team and individual national titles, the University of Michigan’s athletic heritage is second to none. As a commitment to athletic excellence, the University of Michigan opened the 280,000-square-foot Athletics South Competition and Performance Center for the track and field, cross country, lacrosse, rowing, wrestling, tennis and gymnastic teams. Funded exclusively through donations and gifts, signature elements of the $168-million dollar facility include a banked hydraulic track, rowing tank, 2,000-seat stadium, 20,000-square-foot strength and condition facility, and medical and recovery area.

A red QUIKRETE® Mason Mix Type N matching the brick and a custom blend QUIKRETE® Mason Mix Type S matching the burnished block to meet the architectural design specifications on the job. After testing multiple designs in collaboration with QUIKRETE®, Baker Construction determined the custom blend required equal parts mason sand and white silica. Integral water repellant was incorporated into both colored mortars to combat rain, ice, snow and otherwise challenging weather conditions. Due to the large project footprint, seven silos were strategically placed on the job-site to maximize efficiency. QUIKRETE® Core-Fill Grout Coarse was also used to lay block in the wall system.

QUIKRETE® Mortar is a high strength commercial grade dry pre-blended mixture of sand and cements specially selected for masonry applications. It meets N, S, M requirements as specified in ASTM C270 and pigments may be added to match any existing or new construction.

QUIKRETE® Core-Fill Grout is a properly proportioned mixture of Portland cement, graded sand, and other ingredients designed to provide a flowable grout requiring only the addition of water. It’s available in coarse or fine versions.

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