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VA Hospital

We're always proud when contractors choose our quality products - but some projects are extra special. When the Veteran's Administration was looking to expand services for our country's veterans, they planned a new facility in San Francisco. DMS Drywall of San Francisco was awarded the bid for the exterior stucco coating and selected QUIKRETE Scratch and Brown base coat with the La Habra Santa Barbara Mission Finish for the job.

DMS identified Quikrete preblended stucco (for improved consistency) and a silo system (for reduced labor) as perfect for the needs of this project. The preblended material ensured quality and consistency while eliminating the need for a sand pile. Burt Nelson from DMS summed it up best,"We loved using the silo. I appreciate not worrying about the sand mix and I want to use the system whenever possible moving forward."

These advantages combined to deliver the quality and speed demanded by Luxe at Prosper and its new residents.

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Project Profile: VA Hospital – San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

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DMS Drywall of San Francisco