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Q: Does QUIKRETE offer any products that can be used in making garden statuaries? Do you have any advice or best practices I should follow?

BRIAN: While not traditionally designed for these applications, there are several products offered by The QUIKRETE® Companies that can be used in the construction of small and large concrete garden statues. Here are some general guidelines to get you started:

Small Garden Statues
QUIKRETE® Quick-Setting Cement and QUIKRETE® FastSet™ Repair Mortar can be sculpted and molded as the materials harden. These unique properties make either material perfect for creating small statues. Both products are also ideally suited for repairing curbs, retaining walls, tunnels, steps and cold storage vaults.

Begin this project by using Styrofoam or plastic to create the desired shape of the statue. Chicken wire can then be wrapped around the form. The wire will hold the cementitious material - once applied - in place.

Following the packaging instructions, prepare the material selected and apply directly to the wire surface using a trowel or gloved hand.

QUIKRETE® Quick-Setting Cement will set in approximately 10 minutes, and QUIKRETE® FastSet™ Repair Mortar repair mortar will set in 20 to 40 minutes. Only mix an amount that can be applied within this time frame. Enough pressure should be exerted on the material during application to ensure placement.

Large Garden Statues
Due to its improved freeze/thaw durability and protection against cracking, QUIKRETE® Crack Resistant Concrete Mix is the preferred product to use for constructing large statuaries (precast statues) such as concrete fountains, animals and benches. The mix is also ideally suited for building patios, sidewalks and stairs.

Create the desired shape of the form. For easy removal, be sure to apply spray lubricant or mineral oil to the interior of the form. Once mixed, the mix should be poured into the form and then vibrated to eliminate air pockets. The form should be left undisturbed for 48 hours. To finish, fill in any imperfections created as a result of air pockets with QUIKRETE® Quick-Setting Cement or QUIKRETE® FastSet™ Repair Mortar.

Coloring Options
For a decorative touch, QUIKRETE® Cement Color or QUIKRETE® Stucco & Mortar Color can be added to the mixing water of the products mentioned above.

More information can be found at www.quikrete.com/AtHome/Landscape.asp under the project title, "Cast Concrete Projects."

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