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Q: I have an area in my backyard, right outside my backdoor, that I would like to finish out as a patio on ground level. I don't have the skills to build a wooden deck, nor do I want to pay the money to have a concrete slab poured. What can I do to create a patio area that is economical, easy to do and provides a finished touch to my backyard?

BRIAN: QUIKRETE® Walk Maker is the perfect option for homeowners looking for ways to build a concrete patio. The QUIKRETE® Walk Maker reusable plastic molds are available in a variety of brick and stone patterns, including: Country Stone, Running Bond Brick, European Block and Basket Weave Brick.

Before beginning, homeowners will want to measure the patio area in order to determine approximately how many bags of concrete will be needed. As some of the molds interlock, the actual footprint of two adjacent molds will be slightly less than 4 feet.

QUIKRETE® Crack Resistant Concrete Mix, which is especially durable and long lasting, is the material recommended for use in this project. Formulated with special fibers, the material reduces cracking from drying shrinkage and spalling concrete, in addition to offering superior impact resistance and workability.

Helpful Project Tips:
  • If the patio area is bordered on one or more sides by a wall or sidewalk, it is best to begin at the wall or sidewalk.
  • Position the mold directly on any relatively flat surface. The mold will automatically configure the concrete to the ground.
  • Place the mold adjacent to each completed section and continue this process until complete. Rotating the QUIKRETE® Walk Maker mold one-quarter turn each time creates a variation in the pattern.
For detailed instructions on this project, visit www.quikrete.com/PDFs/

By following these simple instructions, homeowners can create their own backyard patio to entertain family and friends for a fraction of the cost of a concrete slab or wood deck. With a variety of coloring, texturing and finishing options, QUIKRETE® Walk Maker allows even a concrete novice to create a customized patio, walkway or garden border for their needs and tastes.

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