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Repairing Concrete Edges & Corners

Repair broken edges and corners on concrete steps, curbs, slabs and walls without the use of forms with QUIKRETE Quick-Setting Cement, along with QUIKRETE Acrylic Fortifier.

Project Instructions

When working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves.

Step 1
Clean the surface of the damaged area by removing any loose material such as dirt, oil, or grease and unsound or flaking concrete.

TIP: unsound or flaking concrete can be removed by using a hammer and chisel or with a masonry grinding disk and a portable drill.

Step 2
Scrub and clean the surface of the repair area with a stiff bristle brush.

Step 3
Thoroughly rinse the repair area after cleaning.

Step 4
Mix the Quick-Setting Cement using a margin trowel by adding 5 parts Cement to 1 part QUIKRETE Acrylic Fortifier until a lump-free, putty consistency is achieved. It is important not to add more water or Acrylic Fortifier after the material has begun to set.

TIP: if the mix is too wet, add additional Quick-Setting Cement and mix thoroughly; if the mix is too dry, add small amounts of Acrylic Fortifier sparingly.

Step 5
Dampen the repair area with enough water to saturate the surface (any standing water should be removed).

Step 6
Use a masonry brush to apply a thin coating of the Quick-Setting Cement and Acrylic Fortifier mixture.

Step 7
Using a margin trowel, press the cement into the repair area using firm trowel pressure.

Step 8
Continue to build and sculpt the Quick-Setting Cement so that the surface of the repair is above the surrounding concrete.

Step 9
In about 5 to 10 minutes once the patch has become thumbprint hard, use the edge of a margin trowel to mold and shape the repair to match the contour of the surrounding concrete.

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