Earlier this year, The QUIKRETE Companies announced the introduction of several new products at the International Builders' Show (Jan. 20-23) and World of Concrete (Feb. 3-6) in Las Vegas. The QUIKRETE Green Concrete Mix, a blended concrete mix containing recycled materials, and the HardScapes™ by QUIKRETE line, led the new introductions.

Green Concrete Mix
QUIKRETE Green Concrete Mix consists of a blended concrete mix containing 50 percent recycled materials, which include recycled aggregates, fly ash (a post-industrial by-product) and/or slag cements. With the use of recycled materials, QUIKRETE Green Concrete Mix diverts material from the waste stream and preserves virgin aggregate resources. As an example, for each 60-pound bag of material, there is 0.25 cubic feet of waste diverted from the landfill volume. Suitable for general concrete work, QUIKRETE Green Concrete Mix offers a similar set-time and strength characteristics as standard QUIKRETE Concrete Mix.

HardScapes™ by QUIKRETE
In time for the spring gardening season, The QUIKRETE Companies have introduced the new HardScapes™ by QUIKRETE line. Designed for avid gardeners and professional landscapers, the full-line is composed of landscaping stones, pebbles, rocks and a variety of sands. These hardscape options include; All-Purpose Stone, Pea Pebbles, Pond Pebbles, Red Lava Rock, River Pebbles, Paver Base Sand, Play Sand, General Purpose Sand and Pool Filter Sand. The recently introduced QUIKRETE PowerLoc™ Jointing Sand, a polymer-modified, graded sand specially designed for sweeping into paving stone joints also is available as part of the HardScapes™ by QUIKRETE line. Once placed and dampened, the non-staining sand hardens to lock pavers in place, providing a stable surface that is resistant to erosion, weed growth and insects.

Additional new products announced included:

Natural Stone Veneer Mortar QUIKRETE
Natural Stone Veneer Mortar, available in 80-pound bags, is a contractor-grade mortar mix designed for veneer applications and tuckpointing of natural stone.

Countertop Mix - 18 Hour QUIKRETE
Countertop Mix - 18 Hour is a high-strength concrete designed for cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete countertops. The concrete mix, which reduces form-stripping time, contains a high-range water reducer and other additives to provide for a flowable mix and low water/cement ratio. Concrete countertops made with QUIKRETE Countertop Mix - 18 Hour can be customized to individual specifications with 20 standard colors available.

Asphalt Cold Patch QUIKRETE
Asphalt Cold Patch contains approximately 90 percent graded recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) that is rejuvenated with a special binding agent. The patching material is designed to permanently repair potholes found in roadways and cracks over 1-inch.

Pump Grade Base Coat Stucco QUIKRETE
Pump Grade Base Coat Stucco is a fiber-reinforced, Portland cement-based stucco designed for use as the scratch and/or brown coat in a three-coat stucco application. The stucco is formulated with special additives to prevent the premature loss of mixing water and provide increased working time.


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